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...What is a Micro Garden?

  • A small garden space that is easily maintainable and offers everything a larger garden has in a condensed form. Think of it as a condensed mini park.
  • It has a place for children to play in a below ground hobbit house with a lawn on top.
  • A vegetable garden area to plant veggies.
  • A small water feature for ambiance.
  • A gas fire pit for night time relaxation and a small custom bench to sit on.
  • miniature trees and hedges offer privacy.
  • Remote control lighting for mood Enhancements.
  • natural stone patio and small walls to make bedding areas for miniature plants.


  • You feel more "tucked in."
  • It's a smaller space to maintain and therefore more enjoyable to experience.
  • It allows you to play in the garden without being overwhelmed.